Adriana Ungureanu

Born in Chicago, IL

Adriana Oancia is an artist who has enjoyed a long and successful career selling her paintings online and through galleries in the United States and Europe. Adriana has been actively painting since the age of four. Inspired by the paintings of her European grandfather, Adriana has dedicated her life to the creation of art and has made a substantial career out of painting contemporary, abstract works. Beyond her passion as a working artist, Adriana is also actively involved with the Interior Designer community and has helped other artists sell their works by being employed at a variety of well-know galleries throughout Chicago and abroad. Buying and owning her paintings has brought her corporate and private clients pride, enjoyment and artistic satisfaction.

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Lost Pearls

Modern Abstract #1


By the River

Mystic Tree

Black and White Trees

Golden City


Roots of Love

Blue Asian Tree

The Rules of Attraction

Caught Inside

Restless Souls

Green Asian Tree

Storm in the Heartland


Modern Abstract #2

Modern Abstract #3

The Unknown Element

Broken Dreams

Autumn Flame


Endless Dream 2

Asian Dream

Storm on the Sea

Emotions 2

Playing with Circles

Close Your Eyes


16 Panels



Connected Souls

Abstract Palette Knife Painting

Windy Day

Party on the Rocks I
Party on the Rocks II
Party on the Rocks III
Breaking Free

Purple Rain

Mixed Feelings

4332 North Hermitage, Unit 2E
Chicago IL 60613
Phone: (312) 242-1716
Fax: (312) 268-7218