Peter N. Gray

Concepts: My work interprets the inherent aesthetics of genetics, microbiology and physics. The underlying concepts emanate from multidisciplinary biomedical experiences and artistic vocation. Each piece is designed to bring the artistic aspects of science into everyone’s realm. Current projects include the original Diaspora from 75,000BC. Would androids with Artificial Intelligence have an appropriate genetic structure and would a metallic alteration, similar to a genetic mutation in human DNA, create a mutant android?

The sculpture and paintings reflect my technical experience. My work has migrated from the outer body shell (shape) to the genetics establishing the physical, emotional and behavioral blueprints. Some of the work captures the ironic concepts of human beings trying to recreate themselves with technology --- the development of “humanoids” as the further development of task- oriented robots into androids and cyborgs. The series on Android Genomics, genetic sequencing of androids, should they have any, is one such endeavor.

Media: I work in a variety of materials, often using multiple materials in any piece. Most pieces include metals such as steel, lead, copper or aluminum in conjunction with one or more of the following: acrylics, polyester resins, digital imaging. I usually work on several bodies of work concurrently leading to occasional cross-fertilization and enrichment amongst the pieces.

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