Lorrainelise Granieri

Born in Niagara Falls, NY

Granieri received her BA from Niagara University, her Masters in Education and her PhD. in Educational Psychology both from the University of Chicago, IL.

Her artwork follows a unique method which she created. It involves several steps including the melting and application of colored wax to silk fabric. The fabric was then immersed in dyes to create a marbleized effect. The fabric was then ironed to remove excess wax and occasionally pastels were applied.

Her artwork is available through our relationship with The Crescent Group, Inc. Currently, as specified by her will, a portion of the revenue from her artwork is donated to charitable organizations.

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Black Kimono

Blue Kimono

Toilette Japonaise

Serenade to Genji

Cranes Mate for Life

Braiding the Crown

Four Seasons Ensemble

Bath in the Woods

The Presentation of the Rose

Swan Song

Secret Garden III

Seascape with Fish

Muses with Apollo

Water Bearers

Muses with Bass

Roman Screen

Roman Fresco Fragment

Cello Section

Orchestra with Soprano

Chicago Brass

The One



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