Josh Garrett

Born in Chicago, IL

Artist Statement

My visual art is part of an ever-evolving expression. In pursuing a goal to represent perfection and order, I began to look at the whole process as part of the life experience, which is inherently imperfect. I consider the unintentional aspects of my work to be essential to the subject matter. Given my idiosyncrasies, I think that approach bears honest fruit that can still be freely interpreted. It is one of many unique ways to communicate, and I consider it equally as valid as the forms of verbal syntax that we box ourselves into.

I believe we're here to share God's blessings with each other. I also believe that many of those blessings lie within us, and they need to be nurtured and allowed to flourish. Humans work lifetimes to reach some unknown point of completion or perfection, rather than seeing the path as the destination. My work represents the volatility of life, and testifies to the truth that our perceptions of beauty lie in the imperfections of man.

Currently 10% of the revenue from the leasing of artwork by Josh Garret is donated to HELP.

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