Kim Bosco

Born in Chicago, IL

Artist Statement

Art has always been my passion. I am, for the most part, self-taught, with many art classes under my belt ranging from painting, sculpture, jewelry making to photography.

What has given me the most pleasure in recent years is abstract art, whether it is in a painting or sculpture. At present, I am using handmade papers and cloth as my paint, as well as acrylics.

I enjoy working on large canvases, door panels, and tables to create rich layered textured abstracts that provide a visual and tactile experience which is unique and exciting, pulling the viewers eye around the canvas.

I believe art should stimulate the viewers imagination and should enhance their life by providing a visual experience that is exhilarating. I hope that my art has the power to communicate and enrich the lives of those who view it.

Artistically, my greatest influences come from Pollack, Miro, Motherwell, Kline and Rothko; however, there are many more artists, past and present, who continually provide me with inspiration for my next piece.

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Untitled Painting
Steel End Table

Untitled Dyptich
Teak Coffee & End Table

Coffee Table (Black Steel Base)

The Date

Wood Console Table

Coffee Table #2

End Table

Untitled #2

Untitled #3
End Table #2

Untitled #4

Where s Jerry

Untitled #5
Untitled #6
Untitled #7
Untitled #8

Untitled #9

Untitled #10

Untitled #11

Untitled #12

Untitled #13


4332 North Hermitage, Unit 2E
Chicago IL 60613
Phone: (312) 242-1716
Fax: (312) 268-7218