Kinga Olesiak-Legg

Born in Cracow, Poland

A Polish born artist, Kinga studied at The School of Architecture at the Polytechnic Institute in Cracow. After graduating with an M.A. in Architecture, she worked for several architectural firms. For the past 15 years, she has lived with her family in the US, where she is the CEO of her own architecture firm.

Her passion for painting emerged while she was attending university, where she trained and mastered her techniques under the eye of the internationally acclaimed painter Wojciech Dlugosz.

Her preferred subject matter is landscape artworks. Her paintings depict extraordinary beauty while also bringing relaxation to the viewer. The landscape changes not only with the seasons, but with time of day and light. A second, related focus of her artwork is the upside-down reflection of landscapes on water. She finds that the pictorial reflection is a richer subject when disconnected from its causal source - a monochrome plane becomes an inexhaustible field of all-encompassing space.

Chicago Art Leasing currently donates 5% of the revenue from the leasing of the artwork of Kinga Olesiak-Legg to benefit Compass to Care.

This artist may be available to create commissioned work - contact us for details. You can also find out more about this artist at

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Vistula River at Twilight

From the Window of My Studio, Winter

From the window of My Studio, Autumn

Wieliczka, Poland in Early Autumn

The Water Lilies at the Chicago Botanic Garden, Autumn

The Water Lilies at the Chicago Botanic Garden


Lake Michigan

Under the Tuscan Sky

Morning Dew

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