Lynn Renee Persin

Born in Chicago, IL

Primarily a portrait photographer, shooting families and models, Lynn shoots events all over the Chicago area from awards dinners to weddings, afternoon tea at the Art Institute to Headstart programs. Her constantly growing client list includes the Girl Scouts of Chicago, Elle Magazine, GQ Magazine, Shape Magazine, Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly, University of Illinois Chicago, American Jewish Committee, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Community Resource Network and was the official photographer of the Avon 2-day walk for Breast Cancer. She is also an active participant in the fine art community, showing in the Artist Project, part of Chicago’s Artropolis weekend, Around the Coyote Arts Festivals and receiving the Curator’s Choice Award in 2006 by guest curator and the Museum of Contemporary Art's Curatorial Coordinator and Curator of Artists Books, Tricia Van Eck.

Her passions, however, are the moments in between the events and parties when Lynn and her husband get to travel meeting new people and seeing new places. It's also her love of people, their personalities and their stories that motivate her to constantly pick up her camera. Some of her favorite projects include visiting with people at an HIV center in Kansas City and getting their stories, documenting the intimate relationships of her closest friends, and pointing her lens at friends and family capturing their insides along with their outer personas.

Some people say it's luck when they stumble across a perfect moment to capture but Lynn says luck has nothing to do with it. "If you always have your eyes open and you are constantly watching your surroundings then you aren't lucky to capture those moments, you are working for it."

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