Robert Stanley

Born in Chicago, IL

Robert Stanley is a painter and computer artist based in the Chicago area In his artwork, he evokes a disjointed world, while suggesting mystifying connections in life’s chaos. Both paintings and computer works combine real and abstract images in an edgy composition within an expressively textural field. Curator Gregg Hertzlieb wrote in a catalog essay that the work “sets up a dialogue between observation and invention, realism and abstraction that grows into a lively, even stormy exchange.” The breadth of his work reflects the breadth of his influences: Johns, Kandinsky, Diebenkorn, Sally Mann, and Bill Viola, as well as biologist E.O. Wilson and Edward Lorenz’ Chaos Theory.

After receiving his Master’s degree from Pratt Institute in New York, he exhibited while teaching in Pennsylvania and Illinois colleges. His works have been exhibited in Musée a’Art Contemporain, Chamaliere, France, The William Penn Museum in Harrisburg PA, Midwest Museum of Art, The Brauer Museum, Ft. Wayne Museum of Art, Koehnline Museum, Hyde Park Art Center, and Evanston (IL) Art Center.

His artwork has been written about in the Koehnline Museum of Art’s Artwalk at Oakton, 2001 International Digital Art Awards, L’Association Musee D’Art Contemporain’ Une Brève et Ample Énonciation, Chicago Tribune, and New Art Examiner.

The trajectory of his work has moved from an open doorway to borders beyond normal perception to tenuous yet imperative connections. His trajectory still moves on.

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A Momentary Glance 1/25





Exegesis II AP




Heaven s Questions 1/50

Momentary Universe ed. 50


Psyche Viscera 1 2/50



Studio Dream July 1/25

Sunset Viscera 1/25


Dreams of Sal Mineo

A Story to See


Edge Vistas

Homage to Einstein and Heraclitus

Vision Narratives

Lives View

Still Life and Stones


I Am Smiling

Not Known

Las Meninas

Bridal Shop

End Eternity

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Bottle Hose Placemat


Ripples in Sand

Dead Bird and Shadow

Summer is Over

Window Lit Dusk

Arm Hiding Face

Bird Dying

Bob Sepia Universe

Bones and Twig

Rocker and Plant


Noche Mexicana

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