Beatriz Ledesma

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

From her studio in the Fine Arts Building on Michigan Ave, Beatriz Ledesma explores the concept of transcendence through artwork. Drawing on her experience as an artist as well as her work as an art psychotherapist, Ledesma incorporates the influence of surrealists and symbolists as a means of unveiling the unconscious, the spiritual and the mystical through the art-making process.

Ledesma creates series of paintings that allow her to “become more attuned with the rythms of human existence and its individual and collective unconscious. This unfolding trust in the unknown shapes the creative process, which is becoming increasingly intuitive, spiritual and nonlinear.”

Ledesma holds a M.E.d. (1978) from her native country, Argentina, and earned an M.A. In Art Therapy (1988) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. More recently (2009) she earned her PhD with a research focus on the contributions of art-making to traditional verbal psychotherapy treatment of adults.

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Internal objects

Heart Keys

Enclosed Hearts

Half a Clock - One Key Falling

The Bird and The Fish

Moon on the Shoulder

Water Dance


Fertilization of the Earth
Measurements are approximate. This artwork is framed.
#6 Entrapment

Earth Totem



Blue Dress

Glowing Fish

Not Quite There Yet

Surrounded by Warmth

From Within

Self, High Self, Earth Self

Fragile Leaves & a Golden Bowl

From the Earth, to the Earth, Breathing

Pulling the String of Light

Freedom for Sale #2

Freedom for Sale #4

Freedom for Sale #8

Freedom for Sale #10

Point of Transformation

Burning of the Soul


Bones I

Bones II

Bones III

4332 North Hermitage, Unit 2E
Chicago IL 60613
Phone: (312) 242-1716
Fax: (312) 268-7218