Born in Meknes, Morocco

Bouba has been sculpting for over 15 years using various materials such as wood, stone and clay but specializes in the use of metal.

Departing from common uses of steel, bronze and other metal alloys in sculpture, Bouba uses a specific method of welding where metal is adhered onto a rudimentary skeletal frame. He constructs form, inch by inch allowing the sculpture to take on form as the work progresses.

This painstaking and tedious technique is his hallmark and allows his true creativity to flow and develop. The sculpture transforms while it is created. Bouba uses no molds, sketches, prototypes or models.

"This is where the art takes control and I follow its lead. I give free rein to my imagination. The work takes shape under fire and hammer. These are not reflective works; many of my works emanate certain unconsciousness. The advance toward the final look of the piece does not follow any sort of regular timetable; only the difficulty can slow down its execution. Steel is the primary media of my work. It is what exists as much as what is not there, and that is the one true component of my sculptures."

This artist may be available to create commissioned work. Contact us for details.

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