Dennis Downes

Dennis developed a love of the outdoors at an early age with frequent visits to his maternal people, the Basque Berrio-Ochoa Clan who have lived in the Idaho and Montana areas for the past 100 years. The paternal side of his family settled in the Great Lakes area which became his home. Influenced by the West and the Great Lakes, he is able to capture these images in his painting and sculpting.

Many of his works are traditional landscapes, others are research pieces influenced by ongoing field research throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Time spent on location is directly reflected in his work. "The highest compliment I can receive is when someone looks at my work and says, "I have been there -- I have felt that."

The artwork of Dennis Downes is truly unique. A large part of his research work is focused on the Native Americans of the Great Lakes Region. These pieces are made using paints and paper created from materials that would have been available in older times, often depicting tribal symbols and legends. He creates his own handmade paper made of native grasses collected from the area.

While extremely time consuming, his handmade frames compliment his original paintings beautifully. They are carved and inlaid with rare materials, some featuring porcupine quill and glass bead inlay to demonstrate the beautiful techniques that were very important to the Native Americans in their own art. His frames have often been referred to as sculptured art and have won awards on their own merit.

Several of his sculptures and paintings are on permanent display at museums, public libraries, historical societies and national landmarks.

This artist may be available to create commissioned artworks. You can see more of his work on his website at

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