Dorothy Mason

Dorothy Mason is a Chicago artist focused on connecting people with nature and creating works which entice the viewer to explore and appreciate their relationship with their surroundings. She incorporates Eastern philosophy and the icons of transcendence represented by the lotus and water lilly.

She emphasizes not only the product of her artwork but also the process which begins with strolling through woods and parks, observing her natural surroundings. She then sketches using pencil followed by graphite sticks. Using turpentine, she liquifies the graphite and applies it with a brush. She uses this as the basis for then adding watercolors and oils.

Mason has had numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as a museum exhibition in 2007 at the Springfield Art Museum in Springfield, MO. She has also been featured in publications and media and received the Merit Award from Anatomically Correct, Evanston Art Walk.

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Lotus (Green)

Lotus (Pink)

Lotus (Red)

Lotus (White)

Lotus Triptych

Lotus (Yellow)

Lotus Field

Water Lilly (Pink)

Water Lilly (Red)

Water Lilly (Shadows)

Mother and Child

Young Girl

Nude with Arms on Head

Nude Bending Backwards

Nude with Arms Crossed over Leg

Nude with Paper

Nude with Sleeping Dog

Water Lilly (Yellow)

Lotus Triptych


Small Lotus (Red)

Small Lotus (Pink)

Very Small Lotus (Green)

Very Small Lotus (Pink)

Very Small Lotus (Red)

Very Small Lotus (White)

Small Lilies

Very Small Lotus (Pink) #2

Very Small Lotus (White) #2

Water Lilly (Pink)

Water Lilly (Red) #2


Wet Day

Birch Trees

Pink Lotus, Ethereal Sky

White Lotus with a Bee
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