Jessica Joy

Jessica Joy is a young artist who has shown her work in the Smithsonian, the Kennedy Center, New York, and Tokyo. She currently resides in Chicago, but she grew up in Florida and is originally from South America.

“Born from a vital interest in the creation of life, my work proposes viable conditions capable of constructing and manufacturing life. Her ideas are fueled by the concern for life produced by artificial means and the aesthetic of creation in general. Each constructional phase subtlety shifts to preserve the process while creating the resultant piece. “Her surfaces are painstakingly re- worked, and often reveals delicate transparent layers inspired by the artist’s love of stained glass.” (VSA Arts) Her style and imaginative inventions pull from the biological microcosm of life and are the details of a larger significant life form. The artist’s ultimate goal is to give the viewer a peek into the world of creation."

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Aesthetic Produce #1

Aesthetic Produce #2

Aesthetic Produce #3

Pod: Prototype, Top View

Pod: Prototype, Side View

Pod: Female #1

Pod: Female #2

Cell Composition #1

Cell Composition #2

Cell Composition #3

Construction of Creation #1
Construction of Creation #2
Active Transport

Resin: Proliferating Proximity #1

Resin: Proliferating Proximity #2

Resin: #3

Pods: Inseminate #1

Pods: Inseminate #2

Designer Baby


Pod: Half Egg

Pod: Male

A Wisp s World

5 Panels

Finding Peace Amongst Chaos

They Glow in Her Presence
Cell Structure

Beta Bird

Leaveless Locals

Lining Lake Michigan

Nature Mimicking Nature

Breathing Room 1

Breathing Room 2

Relax 1

Relax 2

Tea Stain Topography 1

Tea Stain Topography 2

Untitled (C210)

Biological Mandalas

Biological Mandalas II


Painting 001

Painting 3

Pink Folds Profile

Set 1a

Set 1b

Set 1c

Set 1d

Set 1e

Set 1f

Set 1g

Species 2.01

Species 2.02

Species 2.03

Species 2.04

Species 2.05

Species 2.06

Species 2.07

Species 2.08

Species 2.09

Species 2.10

Species 2 Gen 1.1

Species 2 Gen 1.2

Species 2 Gen 1.3

Species 2 Gen 1.4

Species 2 Gen 1.5

Species 2 Gen 1.6

Species 2 Gen 1.7

4332 North Hermitage, Unit 2E
Chicago IL 60613
Phone: (312) 242-1716
Fax: (312) 268-7218