Laurel Hollis Feldman

Born in Chicago, IL

Laurel Hollis Feldman is the founder of Laurel Feldman Interiors, Inc. She has over three decades of experience as an accomplished interior designer. Her projects have included the restoration of the Governor Mansion for the State of Illinois, the interior of a published Frank Lloyd Wright home, a chapel and numerous private residences around the country. She has been published in national interior design magazines and books for her interiors and art projects. Laurel is one of the top designers recognized by the Merchandise Mart Chicago Designer Portfolio. Her professional affiliation is International Interior Design Association, IIDA.

Laurel defines herself as "conceptual artist", visualizing and conceiving original designs for many art mediums (sculpture, glass, painting, textiles, studio furniture). Her love of the garden and all its offerings is a continuous source of inspiration. She sees all of art, design, and nature as one. "Every variation of color and light, every pattern, every texture is right before our eyes."

Photography for Laurel is a natural extension of her artistic vision. It allows her to capture the ephemeral moments of beauty that she so vividly sees.

Artist Statement

I have for many years taken photographs for my own personal inspiration, reference and creative energy. My main goal has always been to capture beauty-beauty in the detail- to fill lives with beauty. Nothing is more inspiring than Nature itself. We learn best from Nature the blending of colors, textures, and of course, the key player, light. I hope these botanic images do that; capture the beauty in the detail that so enrich our lives.

Chicago Art Leasing and the artist jointly donate 10% of the revenue from the leasing of the artwork of Laurel Feldman to benefit Compass to Care.

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Botanic Dance in Sepia

Botanic Dance

Botanic White II

Botanic Dream

Chinese Peony #1

Chinese Peony #2


Eiffel Tower

Field of Kohn Flowers

Floating Rose

Yellow Poppy

Cottage Rose

Floral #3

Floral #4

White Peony

Floral #6

Floral #7


Architecture: Gargoyle

Garnet Reflections

Pink Water Lily (Cropped)

Lily Pads #2

Lily Pads #3

Fountain in Sepia

Chicago Architecture #1

Chicago Architecture #2

Chicago Architecture #3

Chicago Architecture #4
Leased (More Available)
Chicago Architecture #5


Tulip Garden


Botanic Couple

Green Plan

Homage to M s Fish


Purple Profile
Leased (More Are Available)
Chicago Monolith
Garden Statue - Queens Garden

Tree Roots

Tree Roots #2

Fall Topography

Elements #1

Elements #4

Lakeside #1

Lakeside #2

Lakeside #3

Fort Sheridan Winter #1

Fort Sheridan Winter #2

Fort Sheridan Winter #3

Fort Sheridan Winter #4

Fort Sheridan Winter #5

Fort Sheridan Winter #6

Fort Sheridan Winter #7

Capturing Blue

Garden Sunflower


Notre Dame - Shadows


Folies Bergere #1

Folies Bergere #2

Paris Floating Lady

Paris Street Walk #1

Paris Street Walk #2

Rue de Pour Tour

The Louvre - Who is Who

The Seine


Botanic Portrait - Blue Velvet

Botanic Portrait - Chirico

Botanic Portrait - Dutch II

Botanic Portrait - Floating Dreams

Botanic Portrait - Hot Pink

Botanic Portrait - Iris Blue

Botanic Portrait - Lavender Rose Sherbert

Botanic Portrait - Red Rose Sherbert

Botanic Portrait - Spring

Botanic Portrait - Rose Sherbert

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