Doug Birkenheuer

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio

Doug Birkenheuer is a local Chicago photographer. Both individually and in collaboration with other local artists, including Bahar Partow with whom he shares a studio, Birkenheuer has spent the past 2 decades honing his skill and focus. The majority of his work focuses on capturing both the human (as an individual as well as a form) and the idea of movement or transition.

In his own poetic words:
“Sometimes I feel as if everything in my world is
Aligned, Balanced and Clear.
Feeling that way allows for me the ability to embrace
That as well as the opposite of That,
Because without one there is no other.

“There is a space between those opposites
And for me it is the journey,
The climb, the awareness, the Movement.”

This artist may be available to create commissioned work. Contact us for details. You can find more of his work on his website at

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The Climb II

JP1, 2009

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JG3, 2009

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