Miro Ledajaks

Born: 1965, Plzen

From the Czech Republic, Miro Ledajaks was brought to the Chicago area at the age of 4 by his parents in August of 1969. His family was fortunate enough to escape communism legally after his father discovered that he was actually born an American citizen due to dual citizenship.

Miro is a self-taught artist with his only “formal” training coming from high school art programs. “I have spent many years honing my skills with my acrylic paints. It has not been easy but I am now comfortable enough that I rarely make what I consider a mistake anymore.” His subject matter has varied through the years starting from a colorful abstract style. Later exploring surrealism and then adopting a distinct and fun pop style, but never straying from his abstract roots. The results have been successful in selling over 150 paintings in just over 2½ years. He continues working and experimenting in a variety of styles, thereby transcending any one particular genre. “In art you have to be free to express a mood right in the moment and sometimes that mood is conveyed with a few brush strokes. At other times you want to develop a concept that requires greater detail”.

The chance to pursue art full-time came in 2005 when the company he was working for shut down. With the support of his family, he decided to focus on art. Shortly after compiling his portfolio, he found a gallery in Chicago that would show his work. He displayed and successfully sold work there for about three years. The atmosphere changed and Miro decided to explore other options which brought him to a more online based presence. “The challenges are many, but I know that being a successful living artist is like being successful in any business, it takes time, courage, patience and hard work”.

This artist may be interested in commissioned projects, contact us for details. You can also see more of his work at artmirochica

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