Andy Kane

In the past in several books and articles Kane has been referred to as an “outsider” and/or folk artist. His work has been collected in the American Folk Art Museum, N.Y.C. The late Dr. Robert Bishop, past director and curator of that museum, paid him his highest compliment when he claimed that, “Andy Kane is one of the most important painters of our age.”

Some of his work is created in response to current events and the world in which we live, while other works are futuristic; still other works are in the genre of “nature” paintings or those involving human form. These are in the tradition of William Blake in that, for Kane, there isn’t a chasm between the “natural” and the “spiritual.” Some of his works are inspired by Biblical stories and prophecy. Many others are inspired by his favorite painters and poets such as Blake, Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Albert Ryder, Wassily Kandinsky, Chiam Sontine and Arthur Dove. Music is often a source of inspiration as well, especially jazz as a theme.

As founder of the Yellow Rider Movement, he has tried to model a fusion of some of the inspirations, techniques, and materials of the past with contemporary or futuristic subject matter. Kane's techniques and materials range from the encaustic technique of the ancient Egyptians to egg tempera on wood and oil on canvas. (He usually makes his own paints from raw pigments.) According to Kane, even more important for the Yellow Rider Movement than technique and material is its “positivism” in outlook; a point-of-view which is neither nihilistic nor vulgar.

Kane and his work have appeared in numerous books and publications. In addition to the exhibitions he has participated in, some of the museums where his work has been collected include:
Smithsonian Institution
Museum of American Folk Art, N.Y.C.
Milwaukee Art Museum
New York Historical Society
The American Museum (Bath, England)

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