Chris Peldo

Hidden in a sleepy bedroom community northwest of Chicago, an artist works late into the night, silk screening simple image over image, that grows into a pyschedelic spider web of visual messages.

If Peldo is a leading figure in the emerging Chicago Pop Culture Movement - he doesn't look the part. He appears quite ordinary. But, quickly you are introduced to the candid, uncensored nature that fills his work with direct, unfiltered honesty. In conversation, it doesn't take long to see the energy that is ultimately unleashed in his paintings.

Peldo finds his imagery on the streets- off billboards and cereal boxes, from newspapers and magazines. Comic book characters and logo marks layered one on top of another grow into a screaming vibrant jungle of visual images. The relentless showers of color create a unique abstraction of pop art and first person expressionism. "It's like Pop meets Abstraction 90 MPH- Head on." " When I go into the studio to paint, I have no idea what is going to happen'," Peldo says. "And I don't want to. I work as a designer during the day. It's a very detail oriented, precise discipline. With my paintings I just let loose."

Peldo's involvement in the world of advertising and design has had another, even more direct connection to his painting. In 1993 Peldo was chosen by Michel Roux and Absolut Vodka to represent the state of Illinois, joining 50 other artists from across the U.S. in their international "Absolut Statehood" advertising campaign. "I had always wanted to do a piece for Absolut, so when they called I was very psyched."

The artwork of Chris Peldo is available through our relationship with David Leonardis Gallery.

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