Renee Nemir

Born: 1955, Baku, Azerbaijan

Renee Nemir was born in Azerbaijan and immigrated to Israel in 1974. In Israel Renee attended Tel Aviv University and graduated in 1984 with a Masters in Immunology.

After moving to Chicago in 1986 she studied at the Academy of Interior Design and later became an art consultant at a local gallery, while representing Russian artists from Moscow and St. Petersburg. She was a prominent figure in the Russian community in Chicago, opening the first Russian art gallery in 1991. It combined food and art, and was situated in the new art district. She became a member of several boards and later became the president of the only Russian Television station, “RTV Chicago.”

After 10 years, she pursued her true passion and opened up another art Gallery in the heart of downtown Chicago. She at this point also started painting, and through several years devoted herself to studying the great artists and representing fabulous works of art from around the world. Her art gallery “Ubu Fine Art” in Chicago became her main focus as she started to fine-tune her skills.

She now solely concentrates on making her own artwork, which she describes as a religious experience and a means of sharing the abundance of the universe; the joy and beauty of existence. Her work is a part of several collections around the world, and she is currently going to be featured in a prominent Argentinean gallery.

This artist may be available to create commissioned work. Contact us for details.

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Autumn Boquet


Nude in Red
48" x 24"
Street Tango


My Garden



Rhapsody in Yellow


Japanese Garden
Future City

Vase with Flowers

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