Tamar Sima

Born: 1965, Ukraine

Tamar Nikritin-Sima is an Israeli artist born in the Ukraine in 1965. In 1978 she was accepted to Central republican school of painting in Kiev, and graduated 1981.

From 1981-1985 studied at State College of Arts in Kiev, faculty of Art Design. In 1985 was accepted to State Academy of Arts in Kiev and in 1986 , after the “Chernobil” accident transferred to the Charkov branch of the Academy where she graduated with an MA and honors in 1991.

From ’91 –’93 she worked as a freelancer-illustrator for a number of publishing houses in Kiev and Charkov – Ukraine.

She has exhibited at the Ukrainian Art Museum, Charkov, Ukraine and at the Museum of Art , Kiev , Ukraine . Her works are in private collections all over the world including the Ukraine, Russia, Canada,Germany, Israel, France, and the UK. One of her works is also owned by ex P.M. John Major (as a present of UK Ambassador to the Ukraine).

Repatriated to Israel in 1994, she has exhibited at the arts department of the Ministry of Absorption and received a Grant for gifted artist from the Ministry. She designed and decorated the offices of "Fine Care Co. IL" a subsidiary of "Lukoil Co. Ru." Her work has been exhibited extensively in Germany, Cyprus and Israel.She is a member of Israeli Artist’s Union. Lives and works in Haifa.

This artwork is available through our relationship with Ubu Fine Art.

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