Vladimir Bachtov

Born: 1954, Zolotoe, Lugansk Region

From 1971-1975 Vladimir Bachtov studied at the Art and Graphics Department of Odessa State Pedagogical Institute and began participating in art exhibitions a year later.

Since 1982 he has been a Member of the Alliance of Artists of the USSR. In 1984 he became a Laureate of the Paris Salon of Arts "Grand-Pale," and was awarded a Silver Medal in Graphic Art nomination. From 1984-1986 he was a Scholar of the Artists Alliance of the USSR. He was awarded a Diploma from the Artists Alliance of the USSR and from the Artists Alliance of the Ukraine for a series of etchings named "Winds of Cimmeria."

1989-1992 found him traveling around the Black and Mediterranean Seas as a member of the "Black Sea" Expedition. Since 1992 he has been a freelance artist.

His works have been shown in Kiev, Moscow, Vilnius, Paris, as well as in Chicago and other cities in the USA and Canada. He has participated in numerous exhibitions around the world with personal and collective shows in Italy, Germany, Poland, Portuguese, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Mongolia, USA, and Finland.

The artwork of Bachtov is available through our relationship with Ubu Fine Art.

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