Dennis A. Jose

Born in Chicago, IL

Dennis Jose is a prolific sculptor, painter and writer with 30 years experience. His 2-D and 3-D works are widely collected in the US, Europe and Pacific Rim countries.

His three decade study in Visual Art have taken him to classrooms and studios in Africa, the Middle East, The Universities of Wisconsin (Madison) and Oregon (Eugene) as well as the School of the Arts Institute.

His literary arts output includes writing on-air copy for Walter Cronkite, representing the Green Mill in national competitions and participation in a range of projects from crafting film scripts to ghost-writing book length fiction and non-fiction.

Jose is founder and director of Art Lab 123, online at with studios at Chicago and California. He is also a Public Art creator, a chapbook publisher for emerging writers and a Performance Troop leader in multiple states and Mexico.

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Flag Sunrise

Where River and Sky Meet

Dust, American Dust

Late Afternoon Home Run

Close Call at Home Plate

Falling Figures #1 (Flag Series)

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