Craig McDermott

Born in London, UK

Fresh, vibrant and thought provoking are just a few terms that have described the work of Craig McDermott

McDermott transfers the force of his inner thoughts onto the surface through graceful, continuous movements thinking beyond the canvas as if he was the audience himself.

The images are not specific to any one person, but all relate to the subjects in one way or another establishing an instinctive, empathetic human understanding.

His work achieves a balance between a contemporary approach and a seductive, decorative aesthetic. His work is informed in part by his love of psychology and behavior. He invites us into his designs and thought process presenting a great conversational piece or just a reflection of days gone by.

According to the artist, “Art is far too intellectualized, the Art that needs explaining is art that has not done the job. Art should not intimidate, rather it should be enjoyed.”

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