Tim Vitek

Born in Chicago, IL

Artist Statement:

The psychological effect of true gradation between colors is achieved by calculating a geometric algorithm and applying this algorithm to the mixing process. By incorporating an additive and subtractive method within this geometric algorithm, a unique and segmented spectrum of color is created.

By removing all notions of symbolism and iconography the viewer is allowed to focus on color as content and experience a visual reaction within his or her own visible spectrum (The visible spectrum being what the viewer is able to see based on their own physiology). The viewer is further able to have an emotional reaction based on how a specific color is perceived from their own societal upbringing. For example, what I experience from the color yellow are feelings of darkness and controversy. Someone from a different culture or upbringing than my own may experience feelings like vibrancy or harmony.

By interacting color spectrums composed with this algorithm I am not only combining mathematics with intuition. I am developing relationships that make tangible these interior movements of color. The variations of color develop into patterns themselves and perform a visual rhythm within a grid system. I believe this grid system to be the mathematical process which creates life, rhythm, movement and environment around us. The movements of color work in sync to create synergy. This synergy allows the colors to move freely along the grid and allows the viewer to explore these visual interactions within the containment of their spaces.

This artist may be interested in commissioned work. Contact us for details. You can also find out more about this artist at www.timvitek.com.

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Emotion 001 - Blue
Emotion 002 - Red Violet

Emotion 003 - Yellow Green

Emotion 004 - Yellow Orange

Segmented 002

Segmented 003

Additive Versus Additive / Subtractive

Untitled Grid

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