Tali Farchi

Born in Haifa, Israel

"I am an artist and I like it that way!" exclaims Tali.

Being an artist allows her to broaden her approach towards life and living. She often says, "Being an artist is a state of mind, and it has a very rich menu of possibilities."

After growing up in Haifa, Israel, Tali received her higher art education at the Rietveld Academy audio visual department. It is nearly impossible to label Tali as a painter or an illustrator or an animator or a graphic designer, or even a performer. She uses all of these talents whenever she makes a presentation. She is very much a person that uses whatever it takes to get the job done.

Tali also has been at the forefront of the multi-media wave that is upon us now. With almost endless possibilities at her fingertips, she has learned to bring together different artistic disciplines in the most effective ways.

Communication through the arts is another powerful aspect of her work. Art in the basic forms of painting, dance, and music, are key in communicating universally through non-verbal channels across barriers of age and cultures. This most understandable language is at the core of each of her presentations.

You can learn more about this artist at www.talifarchi.com.

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After the Bee

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Moonlight Sonata


Spill the Wine

Jamming #6


4332 North Hermitage, Unit 2E
Chicago IL 60613
Phone: (312) 242-1716
Fax: (312) 268-7218