Patrice Erickson

Born in Hartford, CT

Artist Statement

I am inspired by the transcendent beauty of nature. The changing and fleeting sunlight fills the sky with glorious colors and imbues the land with a spiritual aura. It is the peaceful and ethereal moments in the outdoors that I focus on painting, not necessarily exact depictions of a particular place.

My oil paintings are built up with multiple layers of paint and glazes. I strive for landscapes with depth and richness of color, luminosity, and a convincing sense of distance and atmosphere. Representational but with a contemporary feel, these are strong statements about serene moments created to give a sense of my personal experience with nature.

This artist may be available to create commissioned artworks. Contact us for more details.

You can learn more about this artist on her website at

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Eleven Bales
Warm Evening
Evening in Red and Gold
Valley Trail

Twilight at Meadow Brook
Temporarily Unavailable
Golden Field
Standing Watch

Field at Sunset
Frozen Fields

Farm in Winter

Evening Peace

Blood Orange Sky

Twilights Embrace

Evening Comes

Meadow at Sunset
Gold Contrail

Leaving Santa Fe

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