Michael Rioux

Born in Chicago, IL

From the website of the artist:

Michael Rioux is a creative. Recent projects include performing with Scott/Powell Performance, Salt Horse and Lingo. Current projects include directing the performance group The Sho, an ongoing collage series entitled Ha Ha, No But Seriously, a poem entitled The Manna Found, created by erasing a Henry David Thoreau text, and constantly thinking about how to make things better. Michael received his BFA in printmaking and video from Cornish College of the Arts. He has done lots of beautiful things for lots of impressive people. His concern is to be full of joy and full of discovery.

Artist Statement:

read Reality Hunger by David Shields / I need say nothing, only exhibit / here everything is admissible / mixed form / the right to lie / form that relies on both art and fact, on imagination and observation, rumination and argumentation, human faith and human perception / we journey increasingly across boundaries, along borders, into fringes, and finally through our yearning to quest, where only more questions are found; through our primal senses, where we record every wonder; through our own burning hearts, where we know better / a lie that enables us to recognize truth / insists on itself / consciousness contending with experience / so that I will see what I have seen / I seek to fill a place that once had meaning with meaning again / we are all in flight from reality / take what works and discard the rest / …

To learn more about this artist, you can visit michaelrioux.com/about.

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Untitled (reserve) #1

Untitled (reserve) #2

Untitled (bride collage)

The Wolf

Untitled (Mandy)

Salt Horse #1

Untitled (Bride) #1

Untitled (Bride) #2

Untitled (Bride) #3

Untitled (yellow face)

Nude (green outline)

Untitled (shaman) #1

Untitled (shaman) #2

Untitled (shaman) #3

Untitled (shaman) #4

Untitled (yellow eye)

Untitled (blue scribble) #1

Untitled (blue scribble) #2


Traveler #1

Traveler #2

Traveler #3


Untitled (bells)

4332 North Hermitage, Unit 2E
Chicago IL 60613
Phone: (312) 242-1716
Fax: (312) 268-7218