Lori Swerdlow

Born in Chicago, IL

Artist Statement

Visual artists are seldom literary artists. With that in mind, here are my motivations as a photographer in the simplest of terms. Mine.

When I first confronted MS, at days end if weakened, I would take a cab home. I would often lie down in the back seat to regenerate my nerves and I would guide the cabbie which way to go. They would ask, "how do you know where we are?" I would say, "I know the tops of buildings as well as the bottoms."

It was then that I dreamed of photography, of documenting and sharing my unique perspective of the CIty of Chicago - always looking up. Photography is my mobility as I set out on my journeys to expand my visions. The more immersed I get, it happens that the images I take are of most everything I see or become part of: Chicago, people, nature, movement, stillness and anything else I encounter.

We may not have or take the time to experience and be part of that moment. Endeavoring to do so allows me to look at, see and be part of my all. I do think that those of us with acquired disabilities also acquire new perspectives.

I set out with no formal photographic education - just a camera that works well with me and the world to share it with. The curiosities my photos elicit stimulate the imagination to infuse the energy, humor and life force vital to us all.

Be well, be immersed and always look up or, at least, at.

You can find out more about this artist by visiting her website at www.finishedfinely.com.

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Spiral and Scale

Sidewalk Ceiling

Boards and Beams

Elegant and Old, Greens and Gold

Last Call

Main Way


Spiral 6 - Still Shining

Astral Gs

Rush Flects


Up the Downstair Case



Deco Automation

Locked In and Out

Royal Serpent


Bucket Brigade

The Unseen

Backward Reflections

Geo Duo

4332 North Hermitage, Unit 2E
Chicago IL 60613
Phone: (312) 242-1716
Fax: (312) 268-7218