Spencer Sanz

Born in Algonquin, IL

Spencer Sanz has been producing art from the moment he could pick up a pencil. From drawing to painting, art has been in his blood from a very young age.

Spencer grew up in Algonquin, which is a suburb just outside of Chicago. He later left to study design at Northern Illinois University where he took his first photography class. It was through that class that he discovered his love for craft. Spencer later transferred to Columbia College where he graduated with a degree in art and design.

You won’t find Spencer trolling through the city of Chicago or the fields of the Midwest without his camera in hand. His passion for the art is what he wants you to see in his work. In his own words,”they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I would like mine to be worth at least two thousand."

This artist may be interested in creating commissioned artwork. You can learn more by visiting www.sanzphotos.com.

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