Justin Tortorice

Born in Chicago, IL

Justin Tortorice was born and raised in Chicago and has been an active photographer for the last twelve years. Within the last two years, he has started his own photography company, called Fisheye Vertigo, specializing in a unique style of photography art. The technique is called analog stitching, which means each piece is put together by hand using multiple photographs to create a larger cohesive image. His pieces can use anywhere from four photographs to nearly a hundred and result in slightly skewed yet mesmerizing images of landscapes, landmarks or sporting events. Most of his collection consists of Chicago themed pieces, but he also has some of New York City, Israel and nature shots from across the country.

This artist may be available for commissioned projects, contact us for more details. You can also see more of his artwork at www.fisheyevertigo.com.

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Wrigley from the Bleachers

Wrigley from the Grandstands

Waveland & Sheffield

Wrigley Press Box

Wrigley Rooftop

Soldier Field from the 50 Yard Line

US Cellular Field

United Center (Chicago Bulls)

Blackhawks Banner Raising Ceremony

Air Toews

Cloud Gate

View from Aqua (Day)

View from Aqua (Night)

Chicago River on St. Patty s Day

Buckingham Fountain

Skyline #1

Skyline #2

Chicago Northern Lakeshore

Water Tower

Hancock Building

Trump Tower #1

Trump Tower #2

Crown Fountain

Guardian of the Field Museum

Brooklyn Bridge facing North

Brooklyn Bridge facing South

Statue of Liberty #1

Statue of Liberty #2

Statue of Liberty #3

The Dead Sea

Sunrise at Masada

Jerusalem Outskirts

Western Wall

Ramon Crater

Golan Heights

General Sherman

Yellowstone Artist Point

Yellostone Waterfall

The Rocky Mountains

Miami Coast

Telluride #1

Telluride #2

Telluride #3

4332 North Hermitage, Unit 2E
Chicago IL 60613
Phone: (312) 242-1716
Fax: (312) 268-7218